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Our body consists more than 70% water !  but There is NO good water

The answer is AlKaline Water

What is good water for body ?

Good water is water that our body wants  Alkaline Ionized Water from aKua

& SMALLER WATER CLUSTER – water cluster electrolyzed are significantly smaller than normal tap water. And can penetrate into more places in the body.

& Hydrogen Rich – Alkaline Water Electrolyzed helps to get rid of the active oxygen that is origin of aging and disease.

& Minerals rich and Clean – Water contains a suitable essential minerals in drinking water

& The body is in the healthiest condition when it is in wearing alkalinity - Alkaline Water Electrolyzed helps to neutralized acid and keeps pH balance.

& This water has the molecular structure of hexagon - Because the cell structure and affinity are high, it gives a help to the cell function maintenance.

aKua stands for aqua + alKaline water. It’s the name of Electrolyzed alKaline Water generated from small device. And also aKua is the household machine which produces Alkaline Electrolyzed Water and Acidic Electrolyzed Water through electrolysis process.

Usage of AlKaline Water

*Washing Produce, fruit, flower  - Freshness stays longer.              èH 10 ~èH 11.5

*Use it for cooking or tea - Improve taste and flavor                        èH 9.0~èH 9.9

*Drink it instead of tap water                                                                     èH 8.5~èH 9.0


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