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Hydrogen Water Ionizer

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  • Weight1 kg

[KTCC [Key Tech electroChemical Corp.]]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Our body consists of more than 70% water and needs Anti-Oxidant, Healthier water, alKaline Hydrogen Rich Water,

Healthy Safe Water means a Healthier Life, good for Diabetes, Stomach Disease.


Highly concentrated alkaline Hydrogen ion water is generated from the membrane structure. The equipment is compact enough to be Handy-Holderable. The water is drinkable as soon as it is generated.  The membrane structure ensures that two different types of water are generated at the same time from two different places.

The acidic water that is generated at the same time is not potable and can be discarded after drinking alkaline Hydrogen Ionized water.

The equipment is powered by battery and does not require AC power. The battery-powered device can generate drinking water with rich Hydrogen ions based on low voltage electrolytic technologies while you are running.

Hydrogen dissolving hours are extended greatly.

Li-Ion Battery-powered a Hydrogen Rich Ionized water.


Smaller Water Cluster therefore faster absorption and easier elimination of body waste.

Hydrogen Rich AlKaline Ionized Water helps to get rid of the active oxygen that is the origin of aging and disease.


Mineral rich AlKaline Ionized Water contains suitable essential minerals


Handy-Carriable –  Handy-Carriable Small Device in your bag


ON-Site, On-Demand Whenever, Wherever You are.

The body is at its healthiest condition when it is in AlKaline state - AlKaline Ionized Water helps to neutralize acid and keep the Body pH balanced.

AlKalineIonized Water is hexagonally structured Therefore highly effective in maintaining optimal cell function.

aKua® Ionizer makes your body healthier. 


Note: pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen.